1. Register before setting up.
  2. Check-in time is 1:00 PM.
  3. Check-out is 11:00 AM.
  4. Your friends and family are welcome to join you and may stay overnight for $5/per person per night. ALL visitors must register at the Office. Not to exceed 7 guests in total.
  5. Only 1 vehicle is allowed per site. All other vehicles must park at the office.
  6. ALL renters, and their guests, must register upon arrival. Please call for late arrival instructions.
  7. Keep all alcoholic beverages at your campsite only. Rowdiness and drunkenness are prohibited.
  8. QUIET HOURS: 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Radio, television, stereo volume, other disturbing noise and activity must be controlled at all hours.
  9. Airtight sewer connection is required.
  10. Do not drain gray water on the ground.
  11. Put all trash in a proper on-site receptacle.
  12. Do not wash campers or vehicles on our premises. This creates environmental hazards for those around us.
  13. Do not leave pets unleashed. Clean up after your pet immediately.
  15. Sites only guaranteed on days paid for.
  16. No clotheslines.
  17. No tents allowed.
  18. DAMAGES POLICY: We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless act of the guest to the campground’s property or structure. Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to make a charge to the guest’s credit / debit card, or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address. We will however make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialists to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum.